“Sylwia is a wonderful person, intelligent, beautiful and gifted woman who has this rare skill of truly listening to people and making their day brighter :) She makes you stop for a moment, look deep into yourself and think about the answers to the questions that might not be easy. The time with her was awesome!”

Marta Struś {Children’s Book Writer & Fortuneteller} 

“Meeting with Sylwia was surprising, full of emotions and resulting in a deep dive into own thoughts and needs. If you plan to meet Sylwia and are ready to open yourself, be prepared that you’ll be fully in the focus, that you’ll face some to-the-point questions, which will help you to realize something or redefine your view on it. She listens carefully, softly leads towards the conclusion, all that in a very supportive manner.”

Marta Buczak {mama trójki dzieci, marketing spec}



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